Established in 2018, WKD Online was created with one clear mission: To find great quality products that compliment people in their day to day lives and offer them for cost-effective prices.

As consumers we were tired of buying products where the quality of the items were too many times questionable. As a result of this we found there was no real avenue for customer support. WKD Online was established to create a trusted brand so that our customers can have complete peace of mind knowing any items you purchase from WKD Online is of the highest quality and is backed with the highest customer support levels possible.

After evaluating Amazon and their brand values, we have now partnered up with them as their brand values, customer service and their exceptional delivery times are in line with our own company values. At some point we have all been Amazon customers ourselves and understand that next day delivery, customer service and convenience of scheduled delivery dates or pick up points around the world make Amazon the obvious choice when looking at making a purchase.

As we grow, we are dedicated in ensuring that we keep the highest levels of quality products at a great value price. Along with this ensuring we are providing industry leading customer support so that the WKD brand continues to be the brand that you can trust for any purchase.

We are always striving to deliver excellence in everything that we do. We would be very grateful if you have any feedback or suggestions to email us on customer@www.wkdonline.com so we can improve the exceptional service we are already providing. If any suggestion is implemented, we will send you a £100 gift voucher to spend with us.




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